Beurer WL 75 light alarm clock

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  • Mudel: Beurer WL 75 light alarm clock
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Natural fall asleep and gentle waking up with sunlight simulation - with the light alarm clock and the corresponding "beurer LightUp" App, you can start your morning feeling well rested.

Product description
The light alarm makes it easier to wake up with a gentle simulation of sunrise and invigorating melodies or radio. In addition, it promotes falling asleep thanks to simulation of the sunset by relaxing red light and soothing sleep melodies (with timer). The operation can be done conveniently and easily via the free "beurer LightUp" app. In addition, the light alarm clock can also be used as a mood light with color change function.

Small device with many functions: including FM radio
With the built-in radio function, which has 10 memory slots, you can listen to your favorite music to fall asleep and wake up.

User-friendly application with the smartphone or tablet
For many people, getting up early is a real pain. With the WL 75 light alarm clock in combination with the "beurer LightUp" app, it will be easier for you to start the day. You can easily operate your alarm clock via Bluetooth (R) from your smartphone or tablet. Upon request, wake up in the morning with sunrise and your favorite tune. In the evening, a gentle sunset will help you to sleep with a pleasant sleep sound. In order to reach your personally determined target sleep time, the app points you to go to bed in time.

Technical specifications

  • Natural fall asleep and gentle waking up with sunlight simulation
  • With sleep and wake-up melodies to support sleep patterns
  • Innovative connection to the smartphone
  • Convenient and easy operation also via the free Beurer LightUp app
  • Charging smartphones via USB port possible
  • Colored simulation of sunrise and sunset
  • Sleep and wake up function
  • Selectable between radio, alarm, 6 wake-up melodies and 4 sleep-melodies
  • Mood light with color change function and individual color fixation (256 nuances)
  • 2 alarm times adjustable
  • 10 radio memory slots
  • Light intensity adjustable (infinitely per app)
  • Blue LCD backlight
  • Snooze function 1-30 min.
  • Suitable as a reading lamp
  • Aux input for playing your own music (including Aux cable)
  • Separate sleeping area in Beurer LightUp App
  • Use in full only with the Beurer LightUp app


  • Beurer WL 75 light alarm clock
  • wire antenna
  • AC adapter
  • AUX cable