Bosch MMBV622M VitaMaxx vacuum mixer silver-black

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  • Mudel: Bosch MMBV622M VitaMaxx vacuum mixer silver-black
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The vacuum blender VitaMaxx from Bosch is the perfect kitchen appliance for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy excellent smoothie results with intense taste, velvety soft texture, with no bubbles and natural colors. A big plus: Thanks to mixing and storing under vacuum, smoothies stay fresh longer. The vacuuming process before mixing slows down the process of oxidation - and thus vitamin loss. Vitamins and nutrients are thus retained longer, and the smoothies stay fresh longer. The additional food storage box can store vacuumed food, making it twice as durable and fresher. The VitaMaxx also meets all the requirements of a high-performance mixer: an extra-powerful 1,000 Watt motor with 37,000 revolutions motor speed, stepless speed adjustment and Pulse function, Ice Crush and cleaning program as well as a durable and high-quality aluminum housing.

Excellent smoothies

Smoothies that are vacuumed before mixing have a smooth and creamy texture with fewer bubbles and a more intense taste. In addition, solids and liquid do not separate from each other.

Vitamin-rich mixing

Thanks to the vacuum pump, a vacuum is created in the mixing bowl, which mixes fruits and vegetables with minimal oxygen. Oxygen-sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C thus remain longer compared to the blending process without vacuum.

Vacuum food to take away and store

Prepare fresh, enjoy fresh. With the food storage box especially for the vacuum blender VitaMaxx from Bosch, thanks to the connecting hose to the VitaMaxx, you can vacuum fruit, vegetables, sausages and even meat at home and thus keep them in the fridge for a long time or take them to work.

Creamy consistency

Since no air bubbles are mixed in with the VitaMaxx, the smoothies are especially creamy. Thanks to the 1,000-watt motor with over 37,000 engine revolutions and thanks to the high-quality 6-blade stainless steel blade, smoothies succeed in no time at all.

"Auto" vacuum & mix functions and cleaning program

More comfort is barely possible. Thanks to the practical cleaning program of the VitaMaxx, cleaning is easy. In addition, you can press the button to start the automatic vacuum & mix function as well as the manual speed, the moment level and the Ice Crush program.

Inspirational recipe book

Always try something new and be inspired. The recipe book contains 20 recipes for delicious smoothies and shakes as well as tips and ideas for healthy eating.

Strong design and top quality for the highest demands

Long enjoyment of the device. The high-performance mixer is made of a high-quality aluminum housing. The glass container is made of durable Tritan glass.

Dishwasher safe parts

Comfort even after preparation. The mixer bowl made of Tritan, the removable knives, the lid and the accessories are dishwasher safe. So not only the preparation with the VitaMaxx, but also the cleaning is very easy.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 1000W
  • Motor speed: up to 37,000 rpm
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V
  • Material: aluminum, plastic
  • Number of speed levels: 4
  • Capacity: 1.5 l


  • Bosch MMBV622M VitaMaxx vacuum blender
  • 1.5 l Tritan blender
  • 0.75 l vacuum food storage box