Bosch MUM 9DT5S41 OptiMUM kitchen machine silver

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  • Mudel: Bosch MUM 9DT5S41 OptiMUM kitchen machine silver
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MUM 9DT5S41 OptiMUM food processor silver by Bosch

  • Automatically maintain the perfect consistency of yeast dough, cream and egg whites - thanks to the intelligent automatic programs SensorControl Plus. Stirring times can be set individually with the integrated timer.
  • Doughs, creams, smoothies are just right on the point: with the integrated timer, the stirring time can be adjusted individually.
  • Superbly processed doughs thanks to extra-strong 1500-watt motor and Smart dough sensor, durability through full metal housing and flexibility through perfectly matched professional accessories.
  • Perfect results thanks to the 3D PlanetaryMixing, because nothing sticks to the bowl anymore. A comfortable preparation is provided by the large stainless steel mixing bowl with 5.5 l capacity and two handles for easy handling.
  • Large selection of accessories for numerous cooking and baking ideas. Thanks to the color coding, the accessories are particularly easy to attach to the device.
  • SensorControl Plus: Always perfect results in the preparation of yeast dough, perfectly whipped cream, egg whites. Simply by pressing a button - the machine stops as soon as the perfect result is achieved
  • Strong and enduring engine with 1,500 watts - even for very heavy doughs
  • 3D PlanetaryMixing: Fast and very thorough mixing of all ingredients thanks to advanced planetary agitator with unique stirring in three directions at the same time
  • Smart dough sensor: Perfect, fast results even with heavy doughs or large quantities, as the stirring kneading speed is kept constantly high

Technical specifications

  • Power: 1,500 watts
  • Capacity stainless steel mixing bowl: max. 5.5 ltr. for 3.5 kg batter / 1.5 kg yeast dough
  • Switching stages: 7 plus momentary switch
  • Dimensions: 337 x 222 x 433 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 kg


  • Bosch MUM 9DT5S41 OptiMUM food processor silver
  • Beater with silicone:
  • Full metal whisk:
  • High Performance dough hook:
  • Continuous shredder with 5 stainless steel discs - cutting-turning disc (thick and thin), rasp-turning disc (coarse and fine), friction disc medium-fine, Asian vegetable slice
  • Thick-walled ThermoSafe glass diffuser with 2.3 l capacity (with food: 1.5 l)