Bosch TDS8030EN 8 VarioComfort steam station

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Steam station from Bosch

PermanentRefill: Always ready.

With PermanentRefill you iron non-stop. Because the steam station is ready for use even if you have to fill up the water tank.


TempOK: Simply to the desired temperature.

There are fabrics where you want more or less heat when ironing. No problem. TempOK is an indicator that reliably signals when the desired, selected temperature has been reached. Until this is the case, ie during heating or cooling, the display flashes. You can then iron already, but have not yet arrived at the desired level in terms of heat. As soon as the selected temperature level has been reached, the indicator lights up continuously.


Calc'nClean Perfect: Double action for lasting performance.

The first cleaning system that removes dandruff from both the iron and steam boiler boiler. The special cleaning program dissolves limescale and dirt particles in the iron and rinses them out. In the boiler of the steam station the lime particles are collected in the lime collector. Another handy comfort feature is the Calc'nClean Timer, which reminds you of the next cleaning.


Vario Comfort

VarioComfort: Outstanding results for all textiles - whether jeans, silk or wool. With the system VarioComfort steam and temperature for each ironing program are so well matched that you quickly and safely have ironed laundry. Simply select the desired program and you can iron without any worries!



AdvancedSteam System: Steam for Advanced.

Do not leave anything to chance when ironing and rely on our innovative AdvancedSteam system with optimal high steam output. It allows a targeted distribution of the vapor on the tissue and a deeper penetration of the tissue. As? Through a sophisticated system and interaction of steam channels, outlet holes and guide lines. This targeted steam makes ironing easier and gets you to your destination faster: a finished ironing pile of laundry.


"eco" button: Every austerity measure counts.

Save up to 25% electricity and 35% water with energy saving steam. Do good - for your electricity bill, for the environment and for your green conscience.


"eco" button: Every austerity measure counts.

Thanks to energy-saving steam level up to 35% water and 25% power savings. Do good - for your electricity bill, for the environment and for your green conscience.

2400 watts

Good conditions for rapid heating in both steam stations and steam irons are wattages from 2400 to 2500 watts.


Green Technology

Green Technology is Bosch's program for sustainability and transparency, especially in the use of resources and energy. Following this idea, we work in principle and in all areas, from environmentally friendly production methods to research for new, energy-saving technologies.



SecureLock: security & comfort.

The transport and stowage of steam stations can be tedious. Not so with the Bosch steam stations with SecureLock: Thanks to a comfortable fixation, the steam station always stands securely on the ironing board and the iron can not fall down. In addition, the steam station can be conveniently and safely transported and stowed on the handle of the iron. Nothing can wobble, fall or tilt!


Secure: Twice as clever.

The topic of safety is a top priority for Bosch's textile care products and ideally linked to another convenience. Like Secure, a smart shutdown. This feature provides security and also saves energy, because the iron switches off when it is idle for a long time or is lying. Specifically: in horizontal position after 30 seconds, in vertical on the rear after 8 minutes. All in all a very pleasant, safe and modern function for worry-free ironing.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 2400 - 2500 watts
  • Shot rate 480 g / min
  • Continuous steam quantity: 120 g / min.
  • Vapor pressure: 6.8 bar
  • CeraniumGlissée Pro soleplate
  • Ready to iron in about 2 minutes
  • "eco" button: up to 25% energy savings and 35% water savings
  • vertical steam
  • Calc'nClean Perfect
  • Calc'nClean Timer
  • Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 430 mm
  • Weight: 4.9 kg


  • Bosch TDS8030EN 8 VarioComfort steam station