Braun Multiquick 9 MQ9087X Gourmet Hand Blender Black Stainless Steel

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Innovative and groundbreaking.

Innovative and groundbreaking: Discover a whole new world of food preparation with the MultiQuick 9. Building on our leading position in stick blenders, we have created a new flagship for our range: MultiQuick 9 - the best stick blender for the toughest of needs * in your kitchen.

ACTIVEBlade technology
Thanks to the unique ACTIVEBlade technology, the knife blade moves up and down depending on the pressure applied. This means 40% less effort * - even when pureeing the hardest ingredients. Designed for the most demanding culinary challenges, the new, flexible hand blender foot offers 250% more active cutting surface and twice as fine blending results. This is how you can easily apply all your creative ideas with the MultiQuick 9.

Splash Control
Perfect cooking results with almost no splashes. The patented PowerBell Plus Mixing Foot with SplashControl technology ensures clean working and best bleaching results. For more pleasure in cooking.

PowerBell Plus
The increased cutting surface ensures faster and finer pureeing. In addition to the SplashControl technology that each Braun hand blender is equipped with, the MultiQuick 9 has an additional grinding blade on the bleaching knife. This innovation allows for more comminution per blur mill rotation, as a larger area of ingredients is captured. Even larger pieces can be mashed without cutting in seconds with less effort and thus faster and more efficient blending results can be achieved.

SmartSpeed technology
Thanks to the world's first SmartSpeed technology, predefined speed settings are a thing of the past. Rely on your intuition - you only need a single button. Adjust the speed according to the desired result and without interruption: With a gentle touch of a button, food can be roughly pureed. Finer results can be achieved by pressing the button harder.

Powerful engine
Achieve fast and perfect results. The MultiQuick 9, with its highly efficient 1,000-watt motor, is the strongest among the Braun hand blenders. Thanks to the optimized ergonomics for better operation, you always have everything under control during preparation. The innovative engine adapts its performance to your cooking needs: if necessary, it runs at its best, if not, it ensures energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operation. The SmoothStart technology ensures comfortable operation and precise control with the soft start of the hand blender, no matter how hard you press the key at the beginning.

EasyClick Plus
For even faster and easier removal of mix foot and accessories.

Technical specifications

  • ACTIVEBlade technology
  • Splash Control
  • PowerBell Plus
  • SmartSpeed technology
  • Powerful engine
  • EasyClick Plus
  • Crusher: 350 ml
  • Accessories for Food Processor: 1.5 l
  • Speeds: SmartSpeed
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Soft Grip


  • Braun Multiquick 9 MQ 9087X Gourmet Hand Blender Black Stainless Steel
  • cup
  • shredder
  • Julienne insert, rectangular, triangular
  • dough hook
  • Schnitzeleinsatz, fine, extra coarse
  • cutting insert
  • Potato masher Accessories
  • whisk