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Brimarex Wooden puzzle, Bear with baby

Tootja: Brimarex Tootekood: 364028485 EAN: 05907791506498 MPN: WZBRMR0UC035979

Toote andmed

Tootja Brimarex
Tootekood 364028485
EAN 05907791506498
Tootja kood WZBRMR0UC035979
Kategooria Pusled

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Wooden puzzle - Bears with baby
Educational toy develops and shapes the imagination, mating ability and ability of the child. Three bears: parents with baby, they can be dressed in different clothes.
All elements are in a handy wooden box.
Creating your own costume for a teddy bear will be fun for your baby. Teddy bears express different emotions. Through smiling or sad faces, the child learns to call emotion.

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Brand none
  • Boys
  • Girls
Type wooden
No. of elements 54
Minimum age 10 months
Other features

Packaging dimensions: 28 x 4.1 x 14 cm

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