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iRobot Roomba 696 Robottolmuimeja

Tootja: iRobot Tootekood: 06100012 EAN: 05060359286451 MPN: Roomba696

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Clean floors at the push of a button


iAdapt® Navigation

Roomba 696 uses a “random” cleaning pattern. This means it cleans each spot of your floors several times to remove all dirt and dust, ensuring a thorough clean.


Ideal for carpets and hard floors

iRobot Roomba 696 achieves the best cleaning results on a surface of up to 80 m2. It cleans laminate, parquet, tiles and other hard floors and carpets. 


Robot hoover for clean corners

Thanks to its long side brush, the iRobot 696 is the perfect robot vacuum for corners. It also removes dirt and dust along walls. 


Slim design for cleaning under furniture

With its compact size (only 9.3 cm in height), the Roomba 696 easily fits under low furniture, making cleaning under your bed or sofa effortless.


Doorways? No problem!

iRobot Roomba 696 drives over doorways and carpets with a maximum height of 2 cm, ensuring a seamless cleaning process. 


Smart sensors for safe use


No risk of dropping

The Roomba 695/696 is equipped with several anti-drop sensors. It recognises drops like stairs on approach and changes direction to avoid the hazard.


Soft collision with furniture

With its front bumper, the robot hoover can register collisions with obstacles. As soon as the bumper touches your furniture, Roomba 696 changes direction. 


Dirt Detect

The Dirt Detect Technology in the iRobot 696 helps recognise particularly dirty areas. These are cleaned even more thoroughly by moving forwards and backwards several times over them.


Roomba 696 with multiple control options


Automatic start with time programming

The robot vacuum can be programmed to automatically start cleaning at a given time. Seven individual starting times can be set to cover the whole week. After cleaning, the iRobot Roomba 696 returns to its charging station and recharges automatically. 


App control for smartphone and tablet

iRobot 696 is one of the only Roomba 600 with app control. iRobot HOME app can be downloaded in App Store and Play Store free of charge. It has the following functions: start or stop cleaning, program cleaning start times, monitor cleaning process and access customer support - wherever you are! 


iRobot Roomba 696 with Dual Mode Virtual Wall

The Roomba 695/696 comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall, with two different functions:


  1. Builds an invisible barrier to separate specific areas from cleaning zone
  2. Creates a protection zone that Roomba will not cross - ideal for protecting pet food bowls 

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