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KIDDE Explosive gas sensor MTG-3000H

Tootja: Kidde Tootekood: 365892792 EAN: 05907437062845 MPN: MTG-3000H

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Tootja Kidde
Tootekood 365892792
EAN 05907437062845
Tootja kood MTG-3000H

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The explosive gas sensor MTG-3000H

The MTG-3000H sensor is designed to monitor rooms for natural gas (LNG, methane), propane, butane (or mixtures thereof). As one of the few, it has a certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of the Polish standard PN-EN50194-1: 2009 and PN-EN50194-2: 2006 issued by the independent testing unit TUV SUD Product Service GmbH, thanks to which it can be installed not only in the home, but also in cars and caravans, on boats and yachts. The MTG-3000H sensor continuously measures the gas concentration in the ambient air. In the event of gas leak detection, it activates optical and acoustic alarm signaling. The alarm switches off when the gas concentration falls below the threshold activating the sensor. The device has an auto-diagnostic system that monitors the sensor and internal circuits. In the event of a malfunction, the yellow LED will illuminate indicating that a malfunction has been detected. The sensor is powered by a safe 12V DC voltage via the 230V / 50Hz mains adapter provided in the set. It can be installed in rooms where the temperature does not drop below -10 ° C and does not rise above + 40 ° C (periodic -20 ° C from + 50 ° C) and the relative humidity does not exceed 95%. In addition, you can buy a plug for the car cigarette lighter, useful in caravans, caravans, boats, etc.

Recommended installation places: kitchen rooms equipped with a gas kitchen, boiler rooms with natural gas furnaces or propane butane, rooms containing gas appliances such as: cylinders, counters, gas pipes, school chemical and physical laboratories.

The MTG-3000H sensor can be mounted, also in caravans, caravans, boats and yachts.

Detector Gas
  • Sound
  • Light
Power Mains
Volume 85 dB
Environment requirements

Temperature range:
- -10 ° C .. + 40 ° C: work
- -20 ° C .. + 60 ° C: transport and storage

Accessories included

- 12VDC / 230VAC power supply
- Mounting bracket
- Pins
- User manual

Color White

75 x 75 x 35 mm

Weight 66 g

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