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Kilemarker 0,7mm F 6-ne komplekt, permanentne, Stabilo

Tootja: Stabilo Tootekood: 02106284 EAN: 04006381115001

Toote kirjeldus

Kilemarker. Saab kasutada kõikidel siledatel pindadel. Ideaalne grafoprojektor esitlusteks.
This Stabilo OHP Pen is an overhead projector pen with a superfine tip and black ink. This Stabilo OHP Pen can be used on most smooth surfaces, and is ideal for writing on clear acetate for use in overhead projector presentations. This OHP Pen has a superfine tip, handy pocket clip, and if you accidentally leave the cap off it will take 3 days to dry out. Featuring a non-slip grip for added comfort, this acetate pen enables easy, tension-free handling. The Stabilo OHP Pen is perfect for presentations at work or university, or for teachers using projectors in the classroom.

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