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WERA 7440/41/42 Kraftform torque screwdriver set 0.3 - 6.0 NM

Tootja: WERA Tootekood: 112200378 EAN: 04013288113924 MPN: 5074739001

Toote andmed

Tootja WERA
Tootekood 112200378
EAN 04013288113924
Tootja kood 5074739001
Kategooria Kruvikeerajad

Toote kirjeldus

7440/41/42 Kraftform Torque screwdriver set 0.3-6.0 Nm

Wera torque screwdriver set. Two torque screwdrivers with variable torque adjustment at highest accuracy. One torque screwdriver with Kraftform pistol grip for particularly high torque transmission, multi-component for high working speeds and particularly ergonomic screwing. Easy adjustment of the required torque value without special tools. Good readability of the scale value. Rapidaptor quick-change technology for lightning-fast bit changes. Unlimited loosening torque for loosening stuck screws. Multi-component Kraftform handle with hard and soft zones for high working speeds and to protect the palm. Including bit assortment in a high-quality and sturdy plastic case.

  • Type
    • Type:
    • Screwdriver Set
  • General
    • Number of Parts:
    • 27
    • Material:
    • Steel / Plastic
    • Colour:
    • Black / Green

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