Kärcher HOME LINE WV5 Premium window vacuum - model from 2015

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  • Mudel: Kärcher HOME LINE WV5 Premium window vacuum - model from 2015
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With the WV 5 Premium, Kärcher, the inventor of the cordless window vacuum, has launched a device that further perfects effortless, streak-free and drip-free cleaning.

The window vacuum cleaner WV 5 is equipped with an exchangeable battery system and thanks to the optional second battery, it enables uninterrupted window cleaning in an endless loop.
The soft component on the handle makes the WV 5 Premium even more manageable and ergonomic than its predecessor.

The clever combination of spray bottle and wiper offers highly effective cleaning and ensures radiantly clean windows - without residue.

  • Battery charge status display: Above the on / off switch, 3 LEDs indicate the current charge status.
  • Pleasantly quiet: The low volume of the window vacuum makes working even more pleasant.
  • The original: Original Kärcher Quality from the inventor of the window vacuum.
  • 3 times faster: With the cordless window vacuum cleaner, window cleaning is done 3 times faster than with conventional methods.
  • Drop and streak-free result: Thanks to electric water extraction, annoying dripping is once and for all passé. For bright, clean windows.
  • Absolutely hygienic: Quick and easy emptying of the tank without contact with dirty water.
  • Application variety: The window vacuum can be used for all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors or shower cubicles.


  • window
  • Sprossenfenster
  • All smooth surfaces
  • mirror
  • tiling
  • glass tables
  • shower walls

Technical specifications:

  • Working width of the suction nozzle cm 280
  • Container contents waste water ml 100
  • Battery charging time min. 210
  • Battery life min. 35
  • Cleaning performance per battery charge approx. 105 m² = 35 windows
  • Voltage V 100-240
  • Frequency Hz 50-60
  • Weight incl. Battery kg 0,7


  • 1x lithium-ion battery
  • Suction nozzle, wide with spacers, 280 mm
  • Suction nozzle, narrow, 170 mm
  • charger
  • Spray bottle with microfiber mop cover
  • Glass cleaner concentrate, 20 ml