Moccamaster KBG 741 Off-White Filter Coffee Machine

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  • Mudel: Moccamaster KBG 741 Off-White Filter Coffee Machine
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Timeless design and best enjoyment!

Moccamaster coffee machines are popular worldwide and known as the best filter coffee machines in the world. Of course, this did not happen overnight. All Moccamaster coffee machines are still handmade in Holland, as they were 45 years ago, and every single coffee machine is individually tested by Technivorm.

The temperature switch of the hot plate has a full circle maintaining a temperature of 80 ° to 85 ° C for 6 to 10 cups and a three quarter circle maintaining that temperature for less than 6 cups.

Mixing lid - mixing lid
The glass jug with the mixing lid / integrated funnel eliminates the need to stir the coffee before serving. In this way the temperature is maintained longer and better mixing is achieved.

Automatic drip-stop system
The filter holder of the models KBG, KBGT, CD, CDGT is equipped with an automatic drip-stop system. The filter holder closes automatically when removing the coffee pot. For this reason, it must always be ensured that the jug and filter holder are in the correct position.

Automatic shutdown
In all models, the main heating element is switched off after the brewing process has finished. For models equipped with an auto-off switch, the hot plate will automatically shut off after 40 minutes.

Technical specifications

  • Meets all requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Center
  • High quality copper heating element
  • Very quiet and fast preparation
  • Timeless design and high quality materials
  • Power: 1,520 watts
  • Brewing time: 5-6 min.
  • Water tank capacity: max. 1.25 ltr.
  • drip stop
  • Capacity cups: 10 in 6 min.
  • Brewing temperature: 92 ° - 96 ° C
  • Warming temperature: 80 ° -85 °
  • Filter bags size 4
  • Automatic switch-off function after 20 minutes
  • manually adjustable hotplate
  • Dimensions: 170 x 330 x 360 mm


  • Moccamaster KBG 741 Off-White Filter Coffee Machine
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