Philips HF3651/01 Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light

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The Wake-up Light, which helps you to fall asleep!

Simulate a natural sunrise so you wake up feeling refreshed
Inspired by natural sunrise, light intensity gradually increases from morning red to orange to bright yellow light. This slow change stimulates the body to wake you up naturally. The light gently prepares your body to wake up while you are still asleep. Together with the room-filling light, the natural sound or radio station you choose supports your awakening experience, so that you are fit for the day.

Pulsating light effects relax your breathing and help you fall asleep
Inspired by breathing and relaxation exercises, our lighting effects help to leave the activities of the day behind and relax. Breathe in unison with one of the seven light or sound rhythms while keeping your eyes closed. How to achieve a peaceful and peaceful transition from your day into your dream world.

The sunset simulation prepares your body for falling asleep
The sunset simulation relaxes your body and prepares it for falling asleep. The intensity of the light and sounds slowly decreases over a period of time that you set.

Wake up with wake-up sounds or music
Wake up to nature sounds, background music or your favorite radio station. The selected sound plays at the alarm you set and increases to the preset volume within a few minutes. The transition from sleep to waking is gentle, but it is meant to wake you completely. Connect your mobile device or tablet PC to the AUX port to use the Wake-up Light as a speaker.

Choose your optimal light intensity
Photosensitivity varies from person to person. A level of brightness that instantly wakes you may leave other people completely cold. With the different settings, you can choose exactly the right intensity for you. In general, higher brightness means that a person is fully awake after a short time. If you are not sleeping, you can use the Wake-up Light as a bedside or reading lamp.

A soft light in the dark
With the ideal lux level you can read comfortably before sleeping. If you use RelaxBreathe + or the sunset simulation, the automatic switch-off automatically switches off the light after a set period of time. As you sleep, the illuminated clock dimmers to darken the room. If turned on at night, it will give you just enough light to help you navigate the dark. So you can get up and lie down again, without overstraining your senses. Adjust the light intensity and the alarm according to your preferences.

Activate the snooze function by touching the top
Just touch the top of the wake-up light to set the snooze mode. After nine minutes, the selected alarm sounds again.

Multi-level touch display for easy operation.
Our seamlessly integrated multi-level touch display allows intuitive and quick setup of the desired parameters. Just approach the display with your hand and control the light at the push of a button. The light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to the brightness of the room. Alternatively, you can switch off the display completely.

The modern design brings elegance to your bedroom
A sleek and elegant design reminiscent of the shape of the sun. The functional elements are hidden and the settings can be operated via the touchscreen on the LED illuminated surface. The result is a seamless and modern design that fits into any interior.

The wake-up light is clinically tested
Philips Wake-up Lights have been proven to improve your overall well-being after waking up. Several independent studies have shown that our Wake-up Light improves the quality of wake-up and elevates the mood to make you feel better in the morning. 92% of consumers say that they wake up pleasantly with the wake-up light, while 88% of consumers say that they wake up better with the wake-up light than before. * In addition, 92% of consumers feel they are getting up with the Philips Wake-up Light as a simpler.

Technical specifications

  • Number of alarm sounds: 8
  • FM radio
  • Snooze function: Smart Snooze function
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Display brightness control: self-adjusting
  • demo function
  • Downloads mobile phones
  • AUX input
  • Number of relaxing tones: 3
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Adapter for output power: 18 W
  • Lamp type: LED
  • Brightness settings: 25
  • Light colors: white, orange, yellow, amber
  • Max. Lux level: 315


  • Philips HF3651 / 01 Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light