Rowenta RO7681EA Silence Force Cyclonic 4A Animal Care Pro Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Mudel: Rowenta RO7681EA Silence Force Cyclonic 4A Animal Care Pro Floor
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With a maximum sound power level of just 67db (A), the Silence Force 4A is one of the quietest bag-in-the-bag vacuum cleaners. They are quieter than a TV in volume.

With only 67 dB quieter than a TV
Years of research was needed to optimize all components and thus the air flow so that the highest "A" classification is reached despite low operating noise in the dust collection.

Spring-mounted engine and acoustic foam
The spring-mounted engine and acoustic foam reduce vibration and minimize noise.

Optimized accessories
The Rowenta floor nozzles "PowerGlide" and "Power Air" provide the best dust collection classes (A-classification) on all tested types of soil with high gliding properties.

4 multidirectional wheels
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 wheels that rotate through 360 °, allowing unrestricted freedom of movement.

I integrated furniture brush
With the integrated furniture brush tables and surfaces can be sucked without searching for and attaching accessories.

Control the suction force by 5 suction positions
With 5 power settings you can adjust the intensity of the suction power to the surface to be vacuumed.

Technical specifications

  • Effitech engine: low energy consumption with a power of 750 watts
  • Highly efficient Zykon with air accelerator
  • has 3 filter levels
  • 4 multidirectional wheels
  • The quietest bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Powerglide floor nozzle with three settings: Provides the best dust absorption and optimal gliding ability on all types of soil
  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Energy efficiency class: A
    Energy efficiency class (energy efficiency on a scale A +++ (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency)
  • Annual energy consumption: 28 kWh / year
  • Indicative annual energy consumption (kWh per year) based on 50 cleanings. The actual annual energy consumption depends on how the device is used.
  • Carpet cleaning class: A
  • Hard floor cleaning class: A
  • Dust emission class: A
  • Sound power level db (A): 67
  • Rated power consumption W: 750


  • Rowenta RO7681EA Hoist Silence Force Cyclonic 4A Animal Car Pro
  • XXL metal telescope tube
  • Furniture brush in the handle
  • Mini / Maxi turbo brush
  • Parquet
  • crevice
  • upholstery