Siemens TI301509EN EQ.3 S100 coffee machine black

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TI301509EN EQ.3 S100 coffee machine black from Siemens

Maximum aroma thanks to ideal brewing temperature: sensoFlow system
In order for the aroma of an espresso to fully develop, it must be prepared with the right brewing temperature. The ideal brewing temperature of a perfect espresso is between 90 ° C and 95 ° C. If the temperature is too low, only a part of the flavorings will be released from the coffee. If the temperature is too high, the coffee will quickly burn. That's why the EQ coffee machines with the world's unique sensoFlow system always heat the water to the right temperature throughout the brewing process. So they get a masterful espresso through masterful technique.

Individual cup size adjustment: individualeCup Volume
To be able to procure perfect coffee not only in common cup sizes, but also in the individually desired filling quantity, is a question of perfect technology. With individualCup Volume, the three preset cup sizes "small", "medium" and "large" can each be adjusted to five additional levels of the individually desired quantity.

Double pleasure at the same time: double cup cover for Espresso and Cafe Crema
The double cup cover allows a comfortable simultaneous withdrawal of two Espressi or Café Crème. The cups are simply placed under the two-part spout before the appliance starts two consecutive brewing and grinding operations with just one push of a button. For the double pleasure unique aroma.

Perfect enjoyment at the touch of a button: oneTouch Function
Whether latte macchiato, creamy cappuccino or extra-strong espresso - no matter which coffee specialty you choose: With the oneTouch Function, your fully automatic coffee machine will serve you the perfect coffee experience simply and comfortably with just one touch of a button. Depending on your preference, the system prepares fully automatic coffee and milk specialties. The perfect technology for all-round perfect enjoyment.

For incomparable milk foam: milkPerfect
With milkPerfect, firm and fine-pored milk foam succeeds even without previous knowledge. Thanks to automatic foaming directly in the cup, the solid foam lays itself on top of the milk. Simply pour milk into the cup and let it foam. Cleaning the milk frother is as easy as producing the milk froth. This is easily removable and dishwasher safe.

Cup by cup a treat:
Perfect enjoyment at the highest technical level - that is what the 15,000 cup promise stands for. With this, Siemens ensures consistently high device quality for consistently perfect coffee enjoyment - from the first to the 15,000. Cup.

Perfect hygiene: thanks to the removable brewing unit
For a hygienic cleaning also inside the device, the brewing unit of the coffee machine can be easily removed from the device, cleaned under running water and equally easy to reinsert. So that you can enjoy what you really want more quickly: the pure aroma of the finest coffee specialties.

Always fresh brewing water: single portion cleaning
So that your coffee is always prepared with fresh water, singlePortion® Cleaning ensures a comfortable and hygienic cleaning of all lines in the appliance - after each brewing process. That's perfection down to the last detail. For pleasure in a really big style.

Enjoy longer: with calc'n clean
With calc'nClean decalcification and cleaning are done in one go. So the program not only ensures optimal cleaning comfort, but also longer enjoyment.

The easy way to perfect coffee enjoyment
Coffee connoisseurs appreciate the aromatic taste as well as the simple and quick preparation. Whether for espresso, caffè crema or cappuccino - the functions for all coffee and coffee milk specialties are visible on the display as illuminated sensor buttons. So the preferred coffee specialty is always just a touch away with coffeeDirect.

Technical specifications

  • Power: 1,300 watts
  • Pump pressure 15 bar
  • Bean container max. 250 g
  • Water tank removable 1.4 ltr.
  • sensoFlow system
  • One-touch preparation
  • Suitable for BRITA Intenza water filter
  • coffee direct
  • Coffee spout and milk frother height adjustable
  • Ceramic grinder
  • In addition to the drinks also individually selectable: foamed milk
  • Minimization of the heating time:
  • Removable brewing unit
  • Automatic wash program when switching on, switching off
  • Milk frother removable and dishwasher safe
  • Drip tray and coffee grounds container removable and dishwasher safe
  • calc'nClean
  • Freeness multilevel adjustable
  • Length of connection cable: 1 m


  • Siemens TI301509EN EQ.3 S100 coffee machine black