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Brimarex Wooden and rubber block TOP BRIGHT

Tootja: Brimarex Tootekood: 364010380 EAN: 06971325131561 MPN: WDBRMM0U9031561

Toote andmed

Tootja Brimarex
Tootekood 364010380
EAN 06971325131561
Tootja kood WDBRMM0U9031561
Kategooria Puidust mänguasjad

Toote kirjeldus


Wooden and rubber blocks TOP BRIGHT 80 elements

Set of blocks in a bucket, some of them made of wood, some of them made of soft rubber, embossed with animals, letters and various textures. The blocks are made of high quality materials: rubber and ecological wood, they are painted with non-toxic water-based paints. The blocks have different shapes, vivid colors and cheerful graphics of animals, letters, and gently finished edges. They are safe for children.

Part number


series other
Brand none
Minimum age 12 months
No. of elements 80
Set size Small
  • Boys
  • Girls
Other features

Packaging dimensions: 20 x 20 x 24 cm

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