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Godox VK1-AX Vlogging Kit

Tootja: Godox Tootekood: 117195066 EAN: 06952344222362 MPN: VK1-AX

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Tootja Godox
Tootekood 117195066
EAN 06952344222362
Tootja kood VK1-AX
Kategooria Ümbrised ja kotid

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Godox VK1-AX Vlogging Kit

- with AUX connection option

VK1 turns your smartphone into a recording studio. With the professional VD-Mic, the versatile RGB-LED6R, the stable grip of the VSS-R01 and the improved tripod MT01, VK1 has everything you need for high-quality recordings. Make your blockbusters with VK1 now! The UC version is suitable for devices with 3,5-mm-port.

Included in the kit:

The professional microphone is powered directly from your phone. Whether interviewing or live streaming indoors, or recording a travel vlog in noisy environments, this kit always delivers broadcast-quality sound for your video.

Litemon LED6R Lighting
With 36000 selectable shades, as well as built-in effects such as fireworks, bonfires, etc., the removable and magnetic Litemon LED6R in the VK1 creates a unique lighting atmosphere for your video.

Smart Grip Rig with handles
Provides you with better control of your smartphone while shooting from different angles and using creative techniques. The rig's smartphone clamp holds the phone firmly, allowing you to work at your leisure.

Improved Mini Tripod 
Sturdily built tripod that securely holds said accessories and more. There is a rubber layer on the bottom to ensure stable shots in any environment and on any surface. Tiltable head and extendable legs allow easy adjustment to any desired shooting angle. 

Universal expansions with 3 standard shoe mounts and 6 universal 1/4" rig mounts.

Included in delivery:

  • LED6R 
  • Diffuser 
  • Type-C USB cable 
  • Shock absorbing mount 
  • Microphone 
  • Windscreen foam 
  • USB Adapter 
  • Wind Cap 
  • TRRS Audio Cable 
  • Mini Tripod 
  • Smartphone rig 

Information to the picture: Delivery without Smartphone/Tablet PC

  • Energy Supply
    • Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery:
    • Lithium-Ion
  • Type
    • Type:
    • Vlogging Kit
    • Information:
    • Vlogging Kit
  • General
    • Material:
    • Plastic / Metal
    • Connection Thread:
    • 1/4"
    • Colour:
    • Black / Grey

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