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KIDDE Carbon monoxide sensor KIDDE K5CO

Tootja: Kidde Tootekood: 366861584 EAN: 00047871313419 MPN: KID-K5CO

Toote andmed

Tootja Kidde
Tootekood 366861584
EAN 00047871313419
Tootja kood KID-K5CO
Kategooria Sensorid

Toote kirjeldus


K5CO carbon monoxide sensor equipped with a Kidde electrochemical sensor, guaranteeing 10 years of operation. Battery power supply allows the detector to be mounted in an optimal place in the room and provides protection also in the event of a power failure in the network. Exceeding the permissible CO level is signaled optically (red LED) and acoustically (loud, pulsating sound alarm with a strength of 85dB). The device's memory stores information about the detection of CO concentration exceeding the level of 100 PPM. Thanks to this, the user can make sure that there is no emission of carbon monoxide during his absence in the room. The sensor has a test / reset button that allows you to check the operation of the device and reset the alarm signal. The efficiency control system monitors on an ongoing basis, among others: the sensor, internal circuits and the state of the battery. In the event of a malfunction or low battery level, the yellow LED flashes and an audible warning sounds. In addition, the sensor is equipped with a function that allows you to quickly check the correct response of the sensor to the CO test gas. Thanks to a specially designed housing, in addition to wall mounting, the sensor can also be placed on a flat surface, e.g. on a bedside table near the bed. After 10 years from the activation of the power supply, the sensor will remind you to replace the device. K5CO is marked with the B building mark confirming compliance with the Polish standard PN-EN 50291-1: 2018 + AC 2021 for home carbon monoxide detectors. The research was carried out by the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection, National Research Institute. Józef Tuliszkowski (CNBOP-PIB). In addition, it has a BSI certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of BS EN 50291-1: 2018 issued by the British Standards Institution.

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Sound
  • Light
Color White
Weight 162 g

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