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Qoltec DIN rail power supply 40W, 12V, 3.33A, Slim

Tootja: Qoltec Tootekood: 366868863 EAN: 05901878509105 MPN: AZQOLZE00050910

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Tootja Qoltec
Tootekood 366868863
EAN 05901878509105
Tootja kood AZQOLZE00050910

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Multidisciplinary application to help you make the right choice

Qoltec DIN rail power supplies are a useful component for automation systems, machine control, lighting technology and industrial electronics where the size of the power equipment is important and adaptation to limited space is essential.

Compact dimensions

The SLIM version makes it easier to organize the space for mounting the power supply - its small size will allow for trouble-free installation, and the ergonomic shape will easily fit into the selected electrical cabinet.

Match your model

You don't know which power supply to choose? It's easy:
It is essential to calculate the power consumption of all devices it supports. The sum will allow determining the minimum power that will ensure the operation of all components in the system powered by a specific DIN power supply. It is worth remembering that when choosing a power supply, provide a reserve of approx. 10-15% of power for the safe functioning of the equipment connected to it.

We care about your safety

DIN rail power supplies are made of the highest quality materials to provide you with reliable power in any situation. Additionally, it has protection against:
- overvoltage protection against too low or too high input voltage,
- overload protection is protection against overload of each power line,
- short circuits are protection against short circuits in the power supply circuit,

Be more eco

Our company makes every effort to protect the environment, thus the presented model is packed in a biodegradable box.

Output power (max) 40 W
Output voltage (min) 11.5 V
Output voltage (max) 14.5 V
Input voltage (min) 220 V
Input voltage (max) 240 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 3.33 A
Protection class IP20
  • Overvoltage
  • Overload
Environment requirements

Working temperature: -30°C ~ +70

Color White


100 x 40 x 90 mm

Weight 0.254 kg
Other features
  • Efficiency: 84%
  • Mounting on DIN rail TS35 / 7.5 or 15
  • Built-in active DC OK signal
  • Output voltage adjustment

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