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Seagate SkyHawk HDD 1TB CCTV ST1000VX005 sisemine kõvaketas

Tootja: Seagate Tootekood: 292317356 EAN: 05949066515989 MPN: PNI-ST1000VX005

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Tootja Seagate
Tootekood 292317356
EAN 05949066515989
Tootja kood PNI-ST1000VX005

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Optimized for DVRs and NVRs, SkyHawk storage devices are tuned for 24x7 recording capacities of up to 10TB. Equipped with the improved ImagePerfect firmware, SkyHawk helps minimize frayed and downtime with a 3 times higher workload than a hard drive for PC and is ready to record up to 90% of the time, while it supports up to 64 HD cameras.

SkyHawk Smart

The innovative ImagePerfect Firmware provides clear and clear video streaming for permanent and non-stop surveillance environments - helping you make sure your business can always have a formidable level of protection.



In safety

Give your supreme silence to SkyHawk surveillance devices and never miss a frame, even in tough environments. Extreme SkyHawk workload, low power consumption and ready-made design for NVRs can improve long-term reliability. SkyHawk can also work safely at operating temperatures - from 0 ° C to 70 ° C - while shock-resistant components offer extra protection on the ground.

Video presentation

Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance HDD CCTV recommended for video surveillance DVR

Product Identification
Manufacturer Seagate
Interface SATA 3
Capacity 1.0 TB
Rotation speed 5900 rpm
buffer 64 MB
dimensions 20 X 147 X 101
Weight 410 g
Other 3.5 inch format

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